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What is Neobux and how to make money?

Neobux , created in 2008, instantly paying users, is one of the most recognized PTC in this medium.

has a lot of time online, although only have ads $ 0001 for standard members, is in our ranking for your career.

Key Features:

immediate payment regardless of the amount, this PTC can also gain from the Mini-Jobs:

value ad: $ 0.001USD ads as standard. Ads $ 0.01USD as Golden

Cost Rented Reference: $ 0.2USD

cost of recycling: $ 0.07USD

methods of payment: Payza / Paypal / Neteller

minimum payment $ 2USD

Focus notice:
has (This means that time passes announcement may be in another tab)

note Features:

in neobux , there are 6 improvements account Standar: Golden , Emerald, Sapphire, platinum, diamond and Ultimate, the upgrade to Gold, which is what follows after Standar, improving the rise fixed ad US $ 0.001USD for $ 0.01USD, and the Commission said rented click to 100%.

beneficios de las membresias


ads in Neobux

ads in Neobux have the same characteristics, fixed ads, standard ads; All:

  • Duran five seconds
  • $ 0.001USD We default
  • We give 1 Bonus Pack

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what is AdPrize.?

There are opportunities to win prizes, as seen by clicking AdPrize, and is the same as an ad after 5 seconds, a message appears informing if you won something or not. You have 90 minutes to see AdPrize.

What are Points?

Points are the currency of NeoBux and can be exchanged for some of our services
currently Points are achieved.

  • Showing ads: Each ad = 1 point
  • complete offers Points
  • by AdPrize

The points can be exchanged for:

  • the Gold account: 30000 Points = 1 year of account Gold
  • recycle and / or rented referrals Renew
  • Increase the limit of direct referrals: 500 Points = increased direct reference limit 1

How are ads?


To validate the announcement, we click on the ad, another tab will open with a 5 second timer, we hope, then click Close and done.

Earn More in Neobux

If anything, I highlight this PTC is paid instantly whatever the amount, so it was $ 3USD or $ 100USD .

In addition, a great option in neobux , are the mini-jobs, some PTC have this option. I strongly this PTC this option:

How to Treat Mini-Jobs?

The purpose of the Mini Jobs is to solve problems ranging from data collection and classification of products for business verification, creation and modification of content and academic research.
The concept is very simple to complete a Mini Job you instantly you receive money on your principal balance. To access the list of jobs available Mini simply place the mouse over the “Offers” and click “Mini Jobs” button. The amount of money you receive after completing each of the tasks and an estimate of the tasks that are available for each of the Mini Jobs appears on the left in each Mini Work list.
In Mini work page you can find detailed instructions on the special task that is made. In some Mini Jobs will have to answer some questions as a training before they can start the task.

We recommend that you carefully follow the instructions that will be monitored by an automatic system that is responsible for evaluating the work of the participants. If the system detects that your answers are no and the percentage accuracy is below the limit set for the Mini work that is working the system does not allow you to continue with your task. That’s why we advise you not send random answers or does not start until you fully understand what to do.
will receive money instantly to your principal balance as complete each task within a Mini Job although in some cases, payment may be delayed from 15 minutes to 2 days. If a Mini Job is still available after receiving payment means remaining tasks to be completed and will be welcome if you want to come back and participate again.
will receive a commission for the Mini work your direct referrals and a bonus for your own productivity, where you will work.
All Mini Jobs are offered by CrowdFlower , a platform of “crowdsourcing,” which offers the possibility to earn money by participating in Mini simple job. Mini works available are easy to complete, and the more do his greatest reward. We recommend that you visit the Mini work frequently because new tasks appear all the time.

Do not waste time and start. Enter here Neobux