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4 Tips for Beginners SEO Optimization

Tips for Beginners SEO Optimization

Be sure to include keywords within paragraphs we write so that our article will index better in search engines.

2. Repeating keywords

Once you have identified and what are the keywords of your post, now it’s time to make note highlighting the key content. You will also need to make sure your keywords a number of times are repeated within the article (if we talk about a text of 300 words, for example, the recommended number varies from two to four) .

But beware !. Excess highlighted words can cause most browsers qualify your message as spam, so it’s not good to abuse this feature.

3. SEO optimization: Highlight with bold

Another way of make SEO optimization is highlighting in bold the most important words of your paragraphs. In case you did not know, our visual tour in front of a screen of text respects the form of a letter and both symbols are inevitably overlooked.

In other words, if BRINDAS your keywords a considerable thickness, you can make more readable and interesting web reading , not to mention that your content will gain positioning in the network .

4. Use hyperlinks

And finally, Be sure to include links to other websites more popularity and prestige . If you are taking your first steps as a blogger, you should know that positioning is impossible to win without resorting to other sites with more presence.

A strategic formula to include external links is, including the source of a story in a paragraph content. Of course, you can also make SEO optimization place links to other related posts on your page (remember not to abuse the number of links).

Increase your visitor traffic on the Internet with these simple tips SEO for beginners . And above all, remember that success behind a blog is in our creative ability to make a difference. Good luck!

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