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the best educational extensions chrome

educational chrome extensions

is really incredible wealth of resources for educational purposes that can be found on the network. This time, we stop to explore the benefits of a handful of educational extensions for Chrome .

As is known, has released Google Chrome Web Store, an application store which we can get for free from the browser. The long list of extensions doomed to entertainment, we also have tools that allow you to be more productive.

These are the web-ons for tasks that can not miss on your Chrome browser.

How do I install extensions?

If you have never installed a plug-in or extension for your browser, you commented that it is very simple. You just go to the link of each application and click the “Add” button. Immediately the installation process only takes a few seconds to start.

the best educational extensions

Next, an icon with the award you just added to the Chrome interface is displayed. You can also add a shortcut icon on the taskbar to check the extensions gallery.

1. educational extensions for use in Chrome: after the deadline

First, we have this free and educational extension for Chrome . Although developed in English, you can do all sorts of queries related to the spelling of an article on the Internet.

after the deadline identifies these words were misspelled, working wonderfully as a tester to test your messages or emails before they are sent. As if that were not enough, the supplement also shows suggestions for grammatical inaccuracies that were committed with synonyms and similar terms.

To put the icing on the cake, the application works perfectly in the online version of Open Office and Microsoft Office.

2. Notes and Notes Notes Board

If you are a student who likes to add a brief comment to your texts, you will then be more than happy with this free extension to keep reading . After installing simply select a sentence or paragraph that the option to add a comment to be displayed.

These notes can become a reminder to target the most relevant aspects of the article. The purpose of Board Notes is that you feel comfortable with scanned publications you read on the internet that can be reused as a reference for an exam.

To set priorities, the application has a color palette to assign the most important notes less relevant.

And finally, we recommend QuickWiki a Chrome extension to find information on Wikipedia without leaving a page. This add-on connects directly to the most famous online encyclopedia in the world. Simply enter a keyword, the name of an author, or the title of a work for a definition from Wikipedia, and a summary of the content you are viewing.

Browse the Internet now will be more interesting with these educational ons for Google Chrome . Try them!