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So advertising brochures are distributed

advertising brochures

Even when we are in the digital age paper brochures remain in demand by consumers and interest in this format offers not diminished. In fact, the crisis has made consumers say more interested in promotions.

Today, we can find brochures that are tailored to each user class and are focused directly to needs every demand . Customization and exclusivity are therefore the order of the day. And according to Geobuzón experience, these are the formats or distribution patterns that are most successful today.

The days are leafleting are Wednesday because distributions as they are organized and planned campaigns.

model brochure that has grown over the years is A4 multiple pages , ie the catalog or magazine. This is because the play stars are usually distributed by supermarkets. This type of brochure is distributed massively in mailboxes, reaching consumers at home.

But it is not the only format that succeeds. The pages, brochures or stoppers are also recurrent among companies to translate their campaigns.

But the most used between the distribution of leaflets is made with demographic segmentation . Generally, the most used is the distribution around the point of sale, but more and more customers are also interested distributions tailored to your needs. Therefore, you must use demographic tools to effectively determine the area where the target is located.

The technologies improve the customer experience, but it will then we can expect the flyer?