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Optimize SEO with Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

Optimize SEO with Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

If you do not know the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast are you waiting for? In this post we will see how to leave all tied internal SEO of our WordPress site easily and quickly.

What is this plugin?

The purpose of this plugin is to improve our WordPress SEO, making better content and have everything optimized. It covers all types of elements, such as avoiding duplicate content, keyword oriented content, improved indexing, error detection, etc. It is a way to automate all good SEO practices.

By simply install it and we are improving a lot. But read and see what we can do

Installing the plugin

Let Plugins -. Add a new and in the box you type search w ordpress seo . The first thing that appears is what we want, so click Install Now  The best SEO plugin

Once installed will allow us to activate ,. then we

Now we have the option SEO on your WordPress desktop:

Optimize SEO with Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress-menu

global optimizations

the menu above, we can make changes that affect the entire site, later we will see how we can make changes to specific elements, such as an entry or page.

Let’s see the most important aspects of the overall configuration.

in General among other things, we can see:

  • a brief introduction which allows us to know a little plug
  • Enable advanced settings security (if you enter more than one person on the blog you will be helpful)
  • Connect with Webmaster Tools , now called Google Webmaster Tools. When connected will report Google errors found on our website

in Titles and Meta tags we can optimize the labels title and meta description cover and pages of categories files, labels, etc. It also allows us to block indexing depending on what types of items to avoid duplicate or irrelevant content.

in social OpenGraph can edit metadata tags and social networks. This is one of the things that it is logical not to touch them, and is enabled by default and do not need anything else.

in xml sitemaps can configure which items to be deleted from the site map. The logic is that remove everything that does not provide quality content to the user .

in Advanced have options for crumbs and permalinks, in principle, there is no touch anything.

in Tools can make a backup / configuration plug-in restore.

seeking Console have bugs that were found from search Console.

in Extensions have access to other products Yoast.

specific optimizations

Now that we have seen the changes we can do globally we move to optimize specific elements such as doorway pages, category, etc.

If you publish, for example, an entry, you will see that we have a new option box below

Optimize SEO with Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress-panelpost

Here most important thing is to tell the plugin keyword you want to target content and he will tell us if it appears in the elements that must, as the meta description, title, etc.

also allows us from this table:

  • Write a tag title and meta description. Essential that we
  • Making a content analysis for items that we can implement to improve it. Very useful
  • entry indexing block or specific page we’re playing. For example, to cookie policy or legal notice. If we also automatically remove it from the sitemap.xml, so perfect

Well, as you saw with this plugin will control and optimize the SEO of our WordPress almost no work. I found a plugin that facilitates both work that way!

I hope you find it useful.

Official site of the plugin: