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Today I want to talk about a very interesting system that will allow you to generate profits from links shorteners , a system that allows you to make money by shortening their favorite links and share them on the internet.

How do I start?

The idea is very simple to start only need to register on a website Shortener links, one of the best is Linkbucks , and all you have to do is it click on the orange button on the right side (login) and fill in all the data you ask the site, it is important to remember to be your actual data because a failure here could lead you to lose your income.

Once registered, you will have access to your control panel where you will find all these options:

Make Money Linkbucks

To start generate money should only go to bond and fill the few details they do.


1) Connecting to convert: Enter here the link you want to shorten

2) Page content: Here we ask if the link is content for all ages (of any age) or adult (+18)

3) ad Type: Here 2 Intermission options must wait 5 seconds before being able to see the link content and Locker link this option only allows you to view content without first full web site an action to fill out a survey, but also generates more money makes people less interested in your links.

4) Alias URL: This is just the end you will have your link, you can choose a number of areas and does not affect the income

For example. shorten this page with this link:

Make Money Linkbucks

Now all that they need to do their users is to wait 5 seconds and press skip ad in the upper right to view the contents of your link and with this simple start making money action.

But maybe you want to know what kind of links you can use for many people to visit them, because the links fact that work best are those that come from upload files to the internet personally, and I tried and the traffic they generate can take to easily earn about $ 1000 a month, so do not be afraid and try.

The affiliation system

Although many people who make money by shortening links there are very few who realize that there are other ways to generate money as membership system that has Linkbucks, the idea is very simple just go to References

Make Money Linkbucks

Already in this part you must find your affiliate link:

Make Money Linkbucks

Now the part that can be more difficult to generate profits should explain to many people as the linkbucks system so that it works they can make money them how I’m doing and if you can explain well and are encouraged to work with them you should make them register through your affiliate link and thus receive 20% of the profits that their references, to start trying to convince your friends and family a lot more than you care and you will begin to have one extra profit in a short time, so if you really liked this post and you think you can generate profits I invite you to register through my affiliate link: https : //