Installing a plug-in in WordPress

Plugins are one of the features that make WordPress such a flexible and powerful platform. They help to improve all aspects of a site, to add unique features and website design as required by the user.

This guide to WordPress beginners learn three different ways to install a plug-in and activate a plugin.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin in

Let’s see first the process of installing WordPress main table using the catalog that is included in the section plugins.

1. To begin, insert the WordPress Desktop and click Plugins> Add New .

Installing a plug-in in WordPress - Complete Guide (2)

2. In the next window, enter the name of the plug-in you want to install and click Search.

3. In the search results, identify what you need and then click Install Now.

Installing a plug-in in WordPress - Complete Guide


4. After installation, activates the plugin. Done! You can already use it.


Visit Settings> plugin name t is possible that an separate menu is activated on the left side of WordPress desktop.

In addition to searching, you can also check on the Favorites Featured, Popular, Recent and different lists of plugins that can be installed on the same path.


The installation of an upload plugin .zip file

This method is upload the plugin file. zip to install. It is very useful when you download plugins from another site or any premium shopping with third-party developer.

1. Enter Plugins> Add New


2. Click on the tab up selects the file. zip and click Install now.


3. Activate the plugin and the installation is complete.

How to install a plugin via FTP

Finally, let’s see how to do installation with an FTP program. This is the method more “technical”, but still easy to complete.

To complete, locate the .zip plugin file and double-click it to unzip the folder and have all your files.

Open your FTP program can be Filezilla, Cyberduck or any other, depending on whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux.

login and enter the folder yourdomain / wp-content / plugins. Then drag the folder plugin there and wait for successfully transferred files.


Visit Plugins> Installed Plugins on the desktop and locate the WordPress plugin that you transferred to the FTP program. Click Enable to finish.


There are three different ways to install a plugin in WordPress. Each adapts to different situations.

You can download plugins in Official WordPress directory or also buy from different vendors and plugin developers.

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