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How to think an SEO specialist

How to think an SEO specialist?

When you create a company, some requirements are included in the package. The new company will need a tax residence, an office, a logo and a phone number, at least; although a couple of decades ago, they are also considered important email and a website. The latter has become so popular in the corporate environment we could almost say that “if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist” because many potential clients will try to confirm the company details before paying, and could come to distrust a proposal, if they see that there is a corporate website to give you, say, more seriously.


SEO specialist

Thus, the average entrepreneur calls a web designer asks you to make a website for your business, you you pay and then say “oh, I have my website! Mission accomplished!” . We on the Internet know that this satisfaction is short. After them, often the designer receives a similar question:

Hello You did not say that my site would be visible from anywhere in the world.?
Yes, and how it is published can see it from anywhere in the world.
So why did no one see? The counter installed said to have entered 34 people last month.
Maybe it’s because they are not promoting your site enough, or you may need to talk to an SEO.

When the entrepreneur finally talk to an SEO specialist, note many differences between their proposals and that the designer said. This is because the SEO expert thinks differently to the designer.

How do you think someone who works in SEO

To put it in an easy to understand, equip SEO expert as a mechanic career car: the site will be the car. The career goal is to get the most traffic and the prize will get the most benefit from that traffic.

The average web developer will give your customers a visually pleasing, attractive, functional, spacious … site and it will be charged for it, of course.

But in most cases, the car that the customer received is not ready for a race, and it is logical that each day lost and never receive the said award.

what the professional SEO does is open the hood of the car, adjust the engine to the maximum so that the car is as fast as possible, modify the chassis to lighten its weight, changing the body. the most aerodynamic car, tire change by others with better cornering grip … well, you understand

And often, despite these improvements, the car does not reach thirty place run every day. It is then that the SEO offers the customer a car … uh … a new website

We could also describe how you think the following SEO professional:

When the web designer interest that the site look good, which was formed to design, communicate an attitude and a picture message.

web developer interest the site to work properly, since it was formed to build websites that meet the technical requirements of the customer business.

web marketing expert, however, you are interested in, click , ie the visitor perform the actions that the client needs to be done to meet your goals.

based on the foregoing, who are planning a website should, first of all, talk to an SEO expert to help you plan and organize the information on your local -Project a race car, if we want to continue the previous allegory. So, with all light pieces that you can hire a designer to realize the planned outline.

The same can be said for web design agencies. If you have a portfolio of projects, consult an expert in electronic marketing before (and not later!) You can help a lot in web development that are ready to compete and thus provide better customer service.