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How to get more followers on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the best alternatives to other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. The activity level in photographic filters platform grows over time, and to increase their popularity, are some tips to has more followers on Instagram .

filters have become fashionable, and this network is emerging as a new proposal and varied to share their self-portraits or short videos. Celebrities, athletes and companies even have recognized this service in search of followers.

For followers on Instagram have to know how to invest time and dedication , plus some methods to attract more users to your profile with a little creativity. Here we leave 4 basic tips to get started.


1. Your public profile

Let’s start with a basic issue: user profile settings . If for some reason you change your private account, it is likely that this is the reason that deter you have more followers.

Does the solution ?. Edit your profile to be public and anyone can access the content you share, as well as the ability to like or comment. A public profile can be shared on any website or social network, which increases the chances of winning followers.

Of course, you are within your rights to keep your profile private to avoid compromising your personal information. If so, there are still other techniques that you can consider.

2. Follow other users

The mechanics of a social network like Instagram is very simple: you follow me and I will continue . There is an implicit at the time to include in your circles to contact exchange, then you can try to visit profiles of friends and acquaintances to increase the statistics of followers.

Among the configuration options that you can do a general search of your contacts Agenda and Facebook for suggestions friendship. Otherwise, there is always the option to search for people and trends where you can find people who share your same tastes.

3. It publishes original photos to get more followers

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Instagram mode is expressed through an image . Therefore, you should make an effort to be the most original on your next capture.

A photo that tests your imagination will have a lot of activity, followers and comments. Instead a selfie in the bed may be less attractive, whereas thousands of people have similar photos.

Do not forget to include the famous hashtags labels that come with your comments and can help you get in touch with people anywhere in the world. Enjoy the festive dates and events that require national interest to gain more followers.

4. comments and questions Answers

One most common mistakes among users of Instagram is to ignore the comments that you write in a photo. If no one answers to your questions or praise, it is normal that at some point you get tired of insisting right?.

For activity does not diminish your social account, you should try to respond to all comments. Remember that each follower is important in your circles, and all deserve to be treated with respect.

If you practice these tips will notice appreciable changes in the course of days and you get more followers on Instagram after a few weeks. Good luck!