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Hostgator Hosting the Best 2019

Hostgator Hostgator: undeniably the best server of this in
2020, I have over 5 years working with them and I never had a problem. For me it is the server you should use.

Among the plans recommend the intermediate ( Baby Plan ) because among its main features are the hostear power all web projects that you want, for only $ 6 36 per month you can have a professional server and allow you to rest at night knowing that your website and your money are well maintained.

But perhaps you may ask why I recommend it with so much interest and why is the server that I use for all my projects and, especially, because unlike other servers as GoDaddy has never failed me.

important Caracteritcas:

Service Support via chat: If you are new to the world of the Internet certainly can not imagine how important is to have a support service 24 hours a day and all have it through chat, you can not maginar how bad you feel your website this fallen and have to wait 3 hours or more to respond by email, so you should always look hostings with chat.

Unlimited Domains: with the purchase of intermediate server plan Baby, you have the advantage of being able to use all domains and web projects you want

SQL databases Unlimited:. Many servers say that you can have all the domains or projects you want, but when when you realize that only accounts with some databases that does not allow you to get the real advantage to the server and limited to a small number of projects, however Hostgator allows you to create everything you want leaving you free to choose stories manage projects.

One Click Install: Especially for people who are just starting in the world of internet is a much needed application, with it you can install web designs with a simple click, for example WordPress , which is the world’s largest index the handler can be installed in just 10 seconds with a single click, leaving aside the need to know how to create and maintain sites to start work on Internet.

HostGator discount coupons:

Hostgator has discount coupons option, just put DineroDesdeCasa in the box as in the picture and get 25% on your purchase.