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Four things you should never do in LinkedIn

Four things you should never do in LinkedIn

How to use linkedin

Although not in the fight for being the most popular social network in the world, LinkedIn has a significant portion of active users thanks to its focus strictly on business relations and job search and talent. What ever made this important site, however, it also became a nightmare. Because? How many users do not use your site properly, limiting their own chances of success in it.

Import contacts on the scale close

Import your contacts to LinkedIn can be simple but you need to check carefully. Those who often end up not inviting your network to people with whom they spoke only once or twice in a lifetime, or who do not have a very healthy relationship. Save yourself the bad times checking every step of the contacts import process.

skip requests customizing contact

“I would like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Come on, you can do better than when sending requests and contact you should. If you know the person you invite, I would like to take this opportunity to greet you in a nice way. If you do not, then include in your application a brief note about why you try to add help to judge more easily if you accept or not.

accept anyone as a contact

When you accept a contact on LinkedIn, you give access to all of your profile including your contact information (phone, email and social networks) . Are you sure you want to share this information with people you have not spoken before or barely know? At a minimum, ask who you invite why you are inviting. Trust me you will save more than a headache.

Spam instead of interacting

Most can survive on LinkedIn with a professional profile, but there is another way to interact with other users: LinkedIn groups. For some time this part, the groups have become a sad spam deposit, full of people trying to get their latest articles on his face, as if they were brilliant ways of “sharing valuable knowledge with the community.” If you are going to join the LinkedIn group, please do not spam. There is no way to recover once you start to be designated as a spammer. The reputation rarely gets a second chance.