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Creating a PayPal account

Today you can make many purchases over the Internet, but we need a means of payment, and do it by bank transfer or send money by other means, which is insecure and complicated, the more they would not have to support us if we estafaran.

In these cases, it is best to use PayPal , because it is the safest way to shop online, the more you can pay or collect in your local currency and PayPal is responsible for currency conversion in almost any other currency. Also, it is the preferred supplier many pages of online sales means of payment, it is Ebay , and on top if you bought the Ebay an item and paid PayPal and never received your request, you can appeal and PayPal intercede for you in the transaction is not releasing the corresponding payment to the seller and the seller, as you reach an agreement.

To create a Paypal account, you must first access the next page and click record .


not appear on the next page.


In Mexico there are only two types of account Individual and companies , in our case, we see individual that allows us to pay and receive money. We click activate an account individual account section and meet all the requirements that ask us how in the following figure. It is important to fill the data correctly because according to them is where you will send the items that you get to pay or otherwise, if you charge in this way the name to which the check or transfer will be, simply enter your phone number If properly as clarification is where you contact him.

tutorial paypal3

We click Accept and create account . On the next page, you are prompted to choose a payment account or recharge the balance or through a credit card or Visa or Mastercard debt n use of debit cards they say Visa Electron within the debit cards that can be treated are Banamex profile card and bill exclusive Zero Scotiabank , all credit cards are accepted.


In this case, we choose the option to pay with credit card and click continue .


Complete the data according to what they ask us, in the case of CSC is the last security code 3 digits of your card is the reverse of the same


once this step we have our own PayPal however, still lacking that PayPal check account moreover, you do not have any balance in even though we can recharge the balance through a deposit in the various accounts that have paypal as in Bancomer, Banamex , etc.


The check is nothing but a Paypal fee makes the card and when to see the credit card statement or debit to appear with a load and a code that is Paypal verification code will ask us to prove that the card is ours.


So once we’re ready to check our account, click the obtaining verification.


When we have the verification code we click again obtain verification . We next page where the confirmation code and click confirmation card .

Now, if we have our Paypal account verified, only make us less that PayPal sends an e-mail to confirm that we have created an account with e-mail, and answer the following questions.