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Create a strong password for my accounts

The computer cyber attack has discovered new ways of intervening bank accounts and personal data, reason enough to encourage you to create a strong password protect your private information.

over time, it is important to increase the level of complexity of our passwords to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. While the use of antivirus and mobile programs is a good alternative to avoid possible attacks, is also relevant choose a strong password complicating the task of deciphering.

common mistakes when creating passwords

The main reason why many computer hackers are so successful is due to the carelessness of users creating simple passwords or accessed from anywhere public. In such cases, many technical skills are not needed to steal privileged information, just install software that records every move you make on a computer.

To choose strong passwords should be a good combination of characters, uppercase letters, symbols and numbers.

If you want you create a safe and hard key to decipher , you have to make sure not to make these mistakes:

    • Using the same password for all accounts: if you cut one, you will lose everything in the blink of an eye
    • Log anywhere: Avoid consult your statement using a public or a cyber WiFi
    • include personal information in your password: either you know or have any relationship can easily crack your password by entering your birthday, for example
    • Use a short password: The shorter the password, the better the facilities that you are giving

Tips for Choosing a secure password

The level of vulnerability of a key is measured by its strength or weakness . If you have some characters and no variety, we speak of a weak password. But if you opt for an artificial combination of symbols, numbers and letters, what we have is a strong password.

There are many recommended methods create passwords that are difficult to decipher . Let’s see:

– Select a representative phrase : A quote from a book or a phrase from a movie will help you choose a strong password and with many characters . through

– use the first letter of a sentence : If you want something more complicated, you can use the first character of a sentence for your password. For example, a phrase that says: “He who laughs last laughs best” leave us as a result, “eqraurm”

– case include . Following the same example, add a capital letter for the first character:. “Eqraurm”

– Use the version of your operating system : Adds a script for your password with the version of your phone system or PC. For example:. “Eqraurm-ios9”

– Add a symbol : This is vital if you want to close with a golden key. You can add a symbol to the end of its primary key: “Eqraurm-ios9 #”

You see, you also play an important role in protecting your personal information .. Do not leave for tomorrow you can do today and reinforces the level of safety by setting secure and difficult to guess passwords.