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baby shower cake

Baby Shower Cake

baby shower cake -If you are organizing a baby shower, let this idea original to the candy table. Cut cake into individual portions and decorate with frosting and fondant instead of making cupcakes or muffins or a classic cake.


  • 1 bizcochuelo ready Square
  • frosting for cookies or cakes
    900gr of fondant for cakes in pastel colors


First fill the cake with what you like, chocolate, caramel, meringue and cream. You can do without fillers, if you prefer.
Then carefully baby shower cakecut into 9 or 12 and level equal squares. Cuadradito work each separately to make it easier putting on baking paper and cover with a thin layer of frosting to stick the fondant easily. This leads to the refrigerator. With a roll or roller over a surface with powdered sugar or corn starch to prevent sticking, color choice refines fondant pieces an
d wrapped in plastic, while the rest so it will not harden. Remove a cooler square each and fórralo and sticks well each side with fondant color, cut with a knife without excess teeth down. Do not refrigerate the cake then placed in fondant how this can be sticky post. Repeat this step for each cake square. Garnish with more fondant making and paste the letters and numbers above and on the sides of each tortilla.