Ads4btc, super PTC to win BTC free

Ads4btc in a Paid To Click page taking online since 2014 and where we will win just by displaying ads satoshis. Like all PTC or taps I recommend the blog, Ads4btc is free and without paying any membership or anything like that. Just type in 5 minutes a day, see the ads and ask for payment when we see fit

How Ads4btc

As discussed below, the Ads4btc operation is quite simple. It has a very intuitive script, which is certainly always easy navigation for web and reduces the time it takes to display ads.

First, the start earning satoshis in Ads4btc , we must register on the website and create an account user. To do this, you can follow this register link and appears to sig uiente screen with a form.

Registro en Ads4btc

Registration Form Ads4btc

At first glance, we can see a very significant feature when it to the safety of our own. If you look, and ask for common data as our nick, password or our e-mail, also have to select a security question ( “Security Question”) and we have to give an answer to this question ( “Security response”).

“if you forget or lose Ads4btc password, we can recover correctly answer this security question”

once completed the form, we must complete the captcha capitalized and click the “Register” box. You will then receive an email with a link Ads4btc its contents. Following it, finish confirming our account and will be activated, so now we can start making our first satoshis 

To access Ads4btc just have to enter our username and password and click “Login”. Once inside, you can modify some additional options, such as allowing a second password, and improve the security of your account.

“When you accedáis for the first time, you will receive a pop-up window in which you are prompted to selectable time you do better to restart ads”

Acceder a Ads4btc

Menu Ads4btc

the first thing that I did not find anything Ads4btc access, will be the top menu, which I show in the following image capture.

Menú de Ads4btc

top menu Ads4btc

The menu consists of the following tabs:

  • Home – main screen or PTC coverage
  • Help – section with some basic questions and relevant answers. Among others, we can see how we are paid for the activity of our referrals, as they pay for each ad and what is the minimum payment as well as Micro-Wallet Wallet.
  • Advertising – From here we can buy advertising and promotion of our sites.
  • See the ads – In this guide, you can access the paid ads satoshis ranging 62-888 per satoshis ads [
  • account – This section has a history with own clicks, our personal data, statistics on the activity of our referrals, banners and our affiliate link etc.
  • Support – Help through which we can get in touch with management to resolve any doubts or questions you have
  • Exit – By clicking here, we will leave our own

How to win. bitcoins in Ads4btc

in satoshis Ads4btc can win in two ways:

  • With our own ad clicks that are available.
  • inviting our friends and receive 10% of the clicks they do.

To start earning in this satoshis PTC will go to the tab “View Ads”, in which we see all listings we have to show.

“Depending on the day, there are more or fewer ads and greater or lesser value”

These are some of the ads I found these days.

Anuncios de Ads4btc

ads are available in Ads4btc

To see the ads have to follow these three steps:

  1. We click on the ad title and will open a new window.
  2. At the top, have an orange bar with a counter. When the bar reaches 100% the bar changes color and turns green.
  3. Once the corresponding satoshis assigned to us, we can close the ad by clicking on “Close” (the end of the bar) and can continue to display the following announcement.

You can see these steps graphically in the image below (Forgive me for the picture quality, but because of the length of the bar makes it impossible for me upscaled ).

Ver anuncios en Ads4btc

to correctly display ads Ads4btc

Finally, we will only withdraw the gains that have accumulated. To do this, Ads4btc offers two alternatives:

  • The most recommended is to seek profits by entering the address of our electronic purse.
  • The least desirable, is to request payment via Micro-Wallet. In this case, we will have to give us high in, which is the page that works Ads4btc.

“The minimum payout is 0,001 Ads4btc BTC BTC 0.0001 bag and”

Conclusion on Ads4btc

ultimately, Ads4btc is another PTC recognized with which we can win satoshis regularly and free. Paying takes a long time, so , we can classify it as a reliable Page to gain bitcoins .

I’m currently entering the free blogging sites that you accumulate bitcoins in our eWallet . This will allow us to save, and in the future, invest part of our profits to more profitable alternatives.

Ads4btc, super PTC to win BTC free
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