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5 Signs You need to change your WordPress design

5 Signs You need to change your WordPress design

Web design of a blog or Web page is one of the main factors to consider when using WordPress and animate any project Web .

As you may already know, WordPress is based on templates or themes, which can be modified and offer different options to customize them according to what we like and what we need.

Each topic is different and the options offered depend on developer. There are some who have many options to change all sorts of things and more limited.

If you take time with your WordPress site, you may have considered changing the design or theme. Internet changes very fast. What was the trend a few months ago may no longer used anywhere.

is why it is always good to be updated and abreast of the latest in web design.

5 Signs You need to change your WordPress design

5 Signs that need to change in WordPress template

How to Tell if it’s time for a change?

Check these 5 signs that will help you get an answer. If you find at least one of them, it takes action and starts looking for a new model!

1. A long time with the same

If you take several months or even years with the same theme of WordPress, why not give it a new look?

A new theme can give a whole new interaction, structure and design of your WordPress site, which will have much more success if it offers a great first impression for visitors.

Remember that a few seconds to get the attention of anyone who enters our blog or page. If you have a large project, there are many more possibilities to earn their trust and become customers or subscribers.

Different theme also pleases and is well received by visitors to your blog or website regularly, and potential subscribers.

is like remodeling your house or apartment. It is always a positive change.

2. antiquated appearance

I am surprised, as there are many websites and blogs that look like they were created in 1999 when the Internet was just beginning to globalize and be accessible to all sites.

strangers and colors and fonts Comic Sans very large, disproportionate texts and many other aspects that give a poor appearance consequently poor results.

is like going to an important meeting or job interview dressed in inappropriate clothing. It is obvious that the first impression you have other people or person play against what you want to achieve.

Check your workforce and compare it with other projects in your niche or industry. If you think change is needed, do not hesitate to do it!

I’ll leave links to favorite sites themes in WordPress:

review them and choose what you like and suits you need.

3. The model is not adapted to different devices

Today Web traffic comes not only desktops or laptops. Over the months and years, mobile devices have become more popular and used to navigate websites.

Depending on the niche and the industry in which you are, I am sure that a significant percentage of all their views come from mobile devices such as smartphones (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) or tablets as iPad.

Every Webmaster must be prepared so that users can have a great experience on any device, be it a 27-inch iMac or a cell phone.

Today many of the problems that we can find premium WordPress are ready for all kinds of resolutions and devices. Make sure your also meets these requirements.

How do I know?

Visit your blog or page on your phone or iPad. You can also simulate it in Chrome development tools.

4. Navigation structure and confusing and endless

There is nothing more frustrating than getting a web page and see all jumbled endless and a confusing structure.

The goal of any page or blog is not to offer the most beautiful to come out with their mouths open to all design. This course helps, but the priority is always to offer a simple navigation, the content accessible and effective than you want to tell your audience communication.

Always look for a WordPress theme that offers a simple, understandable and at the same time the fulfillment of a great looking design.

There is no need to put too many banners, images or text in the sidebars. Only the essentials.

5. Improve safety, speed and load performance.

The model used in WordPress not only affects the appearance of the website or blog, also has a significant impact on safety, loading speed and overall performance of each page.

Before investing in a premium theme, check reviews of other users about the performance they have achieved. By this I mean things like the time it takes to load each page, how well the side with widgets work, any kind of error that is present and something very important:. Security

If you use a theme based on a structure such as the Genesis of StudioPress, the performance of your site will be even better

WordPress can be protected very well with plugins like security ithemes but use a poor quality theme, evil programmed or malicious code, it will be hard not to have safety problems sooner or later.

To review your problem is the quality and not have some sort of vulnerability, install the plug-in Theme Authenticity Checker, which detects any faults or problems with the model you use.

also recommend using Google Webmaster Tools, a set of free tools that Google offers to monitor the performance of your website in all aspects, including security and malware detection.

The best designs are powered by WordPress

Due to its versatility and high standards, WordPress offers the possibility of using models of the highest quality and adapted to the latest web standards ( HTML5, CSS3, responsive, etc.)

are you ready to take that big leap in quality?

again I will share my suppliers favorite themes:

Check out these 4 sites (or any other), choose your favorite theme and start setting today.

A new design equals new life to your WordPress blog or page.