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4 Applications to make free calls to other countries

You run out of mobile data on your phone ?. Unlimited talk with your friends and family without investing a penny thanks to these applications to make free calls to other countries .

Fashion messaging applications enabled new forms of communication stay in touch 24 hours a day, with no monthly expenses out of the budget. This is a very economical way to break the barriers of distance from the comfort of a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the Internet.

know what mobile applications to call abroad more used by millions of people.

1. Call Free abroad with WhatsApp

is impossible to list Applications to make free calls to other countries , excluding the communication peak in real time. WhatsApp includes VoIP calls its interface, allowing users to talk to millions of free and unlimited.

2. Skype

Skype is probably one of the most effective tools at the time of free international calls from any device. Applying Microsoft not only enables multimedia audio and video communication, the service also offers group calls at no cost . This means that you can talk to more than one friend or family simultaneously. The same can be done with your Facebook contacts who are Skype interface not to let anyone out of the integrated circle.

Anyway, are always low cost payment plans to make international calls to fixed and mobile numbers, this in case you need to contact someone who does not use Skype.

3. Free calls abroad with Facebook Messenger

If WhatsApp and Skype are two good alternatives to call other countries online Facebook Messenger is the application with the highest rate of communication. It’s because? More than 1350 million active users become the most popular service on the planet. In other words, there are more chances that you can call a friend on Facebook that a WhatsApp contact. Remember that Facebook can be used from a computer, laptop, phone or tablet, making calls from multiple platforms.

As regards the conditions of video call service are different, since it is necessary that both use the same platform. Eg. Mobile to mobile or computer to computer

4. Line

And finally, we have line , another Mobile application to call other free countries which is also cross-platform, but has less popularity than all others. It is still an excellent communication tool.

as Skype, Line has the option to acquire a payment plan and make calls to landlines or mobile phones that are not installed application. The sound quality of free calls is really good, and, of course, is best enjoyed if you connect from a wireless network.

Now you have no excuses to communicate with family and friends. These applications to talk for free over the Internet allow you to get and stay in touch daily.